Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Standing Meditation

This book is a book about Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Standing Meditation.


The book is both an introduction to, and an in-depth presentation. The book addresses the beginner, the more experienced student, and the teacher. It covers the Martial, as well as the Civil art of Tai Chi.


There are many training systems that are focused on strengthening the body, but that have very little or no relevance to the strengthening and development of the mind. In reverse there exist many meditative practices, which are focused on the strengthening and development of the mind, but in the same way neglect the body.


Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Standing Meditation are training systems which both strengthen the mind, the ability to use the body more appropriately, as well as strengthening the internal organs. They will help you find tranquility, balance, rest, and regeneration, and help the individual to become better at exactly what he or she yearns for. They increase the ability to focus and at the same time develop that part of our nervous system that deals with calm, rest and recovery.


The book is based on the author’s experience of more than 30 years, and contains a wealth of training tips, instructive photos, and links to video clips of key exercises.
It also includes excerpts from his dairies, and anecdotes from his personal experiences with some of his teachers – teachers who are among the very best when it comes to Internal Martial Arts, as well as Qi Gong.


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Tai Chi Qigong and Standing Meditation